Why Rescue

Why Do We Rescue?

We have been  asked this question many times, it's normally preceded with "Oh, you  rescue Rottweilers!, aren't they dangerous?"

The usual  response is a very patient explanation about how soft, gentle,  intelligent & loving this extremely misunderstood breed of dog is    My final comment is applicable not just to Rotties, but in fact to any  breed of dog that is accused of being "Devil Dogs".. 

It is NOT the  animal, it is the OWNERS that make the dog aggressive.

We see many  rotties that have been left homeless for a great variety of reasons and  they are all special in their own way, however, every now & then, there  is one that really breaks your heart.....


This is Zulu's story and the reason that we rescue...

Zulu came to F.R.R. in early May  2007, he only weighed 27 kgs (a healthy adult male Rottie should weigh  about 45 kgs), he was though to be about 4 years old.  Zulu's whole  underneath was infected and he seemed to be incontinent.

One of our dedicated fosterers to  Zulu in as we felt that kennels were really not suitable for this poor  chap. trip to the vets, the first of many for Zulu, resulted in  some medication to try & control the incontinence.  On the follow  up visit, the vet felt that there had been no improvement in his  incontinence, but he had put on a few kilos in weight and appeared  brighter in himself. Zulu's medication was changed and another  follow up appointment was arranged.

Zulu became happy to plod around  the park on his walks, occasionally summoning up the energy to chase a  ball, but he was unable to mix with other dogs as we were still unsure  as to the reasons behind his illness.

Then at the beginning of June  2007, Zulu took a turn for the worse, he developed double incontinence,  and was also losing blood.

An emergency trip to the vets for  x-rays to try and establish the cause of Zulu's problems revealed that  Zulu had a fractured spine, probably caused by the abuse Zulu had  suffered at the hands of whoever owned him before he was picked up as a  stray.


On the 9th June 2007, we made the  extremely hard decision that the kindest thing for Zulu, was for him not  to wake up from his anesthetic.R.I.P. ZULU

We apologise if  this has disturbed anyone, but these are the kind of situations that we  face everyday in rescue. These are NOT vicious dogs, they are  caring, intelligent animals who deserve to be treated as such.



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9th September 2015

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